Karine Le Marchand

For more than 20 years, Karine le Marchand has been conducting moving and intimate interviews on her television programs. Les Maternelles, (France5), Les Tabous de ..., (France 2) l’Amour est dans le Pré (M6) and Une Ambition Intime highlight her sense of humor and confidant personality.

As proof of her talent, Karine was voted France’s Favorite TV Presenter by polls across the country. (TV Mag, Ozap, Stratégie)

Cheerful and gently mockful, Karine le Marchand is also a respectful and empathetic TV host.  She knows how to create a genuine bond with her guests.


  • Ranked 23th in poll of France’s Favorite Stars ( Journal du Dimanche magazine)
  • Awarded with special mention the " best editorial or journalistic coup " with Une Ambition Intime (le Grand Prix des Médias - CB News)
  • Voted France's Favorite TV presenter (TV Notes poll - June 2017 )
  • Voted Most Deserving TV presenter in 2016 ( Gala magazine).


  • Voted one of France’s top political interviewers (OpinionWay poll in TV Magazine)

  • Ranked 10th in Top 50 of Favorite French TV Presenters (OpinionWay poll in TV Magazine)

  • Ranked 36th in poll of France’s Favorite Stars ( Journal du Dimanche magazine).


  • Voted TV Presenter of the year in TV Notes ( Puremedias).


  • Voted TV presenter of the year TV Notes ( Puremedias).

  • Elected France’s Favorite TV Presenter (TV Grandes Chaînes)

  • Ranked 2d place in Sexiest TV Presenter of the Year 2014 (Strategies).


  • Awarded Medal of Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit for her contribution in “putting farmers at the core of society”.


  • Won “ Golden Women” award 2011 ( Aufeminin.com)

  • Ranked 12th in “Emerging Women”(Media Group / panel MegaSnapshots).