Une Ambition Intime


This original and innovative 120 mn format for Prime-time (2016) was created, produced and presented by Karine Le Marchand. Une Ambition Intime offers a unique look at the political candidates running for the French Presidency.

In these one on one conversations, Karine Le Marchand, is able to get guests to open up thanks to her natural, spontaneous style and humour – making it a novel and unique approach for interviewing politicians.

The Interview format includes archival images and comments from guest’s relatives. The program offers an in-depth study of a politician’s personality, career path, and the events that triggered his or her political ambition.

A record audience

The program garthered 3.4 million viewers (with a record high of 4 million), of which 20% were women. Generally, only 5% of female viewers watch traditional political programs. 25% of young people between 25-34 years old tuned into the show - compared to 10%.

The upper socio-professional category also outperformed with 18% of the audience, as compared to the usual 10%.